Hidden 1.3

Discreet utility to find your stolen Mac


  • Discreet and easy to use
  • Takes snapshots of criminals
  • Helps you track down exactly where your Mac is
  • Collects various technical data about precise location


  • No trial version
  • Difficult to remove if you don't want it

Very good

If you've ever worried about losing not only your Mac but all your precious data if someone steals it, then Hidden could be your answer.

Hidden Mac software has received a lot of publicity in the media over its ability to help police track down criminals that have stolen Macs. It works very simply by discreetly activating the iSight camera of a MacBook and taking snapshots of whoever has your Mac. Hidden collects photos of the thief and screen shots of the Mac in use as well as lots of technical data which can help you or investigators track down your Mac.

Once installed on your Mac, Hidden will activate when you have logged-onto the Hidden customer site and clicked 'Stolen'. The developer guarantees that it will not send back any anonymous usage stats before then. If you want to uninstall the utility however, you can't just drag it to the trash. You need to use the Terminal which is a bit messy.

The developer behind Hidden claims that it will offer 'recovery assistance' when recovering a stolen Mac. However, in the most famous case of Hidden in action, one user took things into his own hands and posted pictures and snapshots of the criminal on a blog to 'out' him. Hidden is available in a variety of plans - Basic, Home, Business and Ultimate which all offer a slightly differing level of protection and coverage.

Hidden is a hugely popular security application that may one day help you recover your Mac if it gets stolen.

Fixes known issues in previous versions Improved error reporting


  • Fixes known issues in previous versions Improved error reporting


Hidden 1.3

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